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Where are the Isles of Scilly Located?

The Isles of Scilly are 28 miles from Lands End, Cornwall and are notorious for their shipwrecks, rare marine life, wildlife, unique scenery and azure seas.

How many Islands are there?

There are five inhabited islands, surrounded by several hundred outcrops and rocks world famous for their superb scenery and near sub tropical climate. During the summer months (from Easter onwards until the end of October) the islands are an extremely popular tourist destination for visitors from all over the world. There are numerous boat trips daily to all islands, around the rocks and out to the Bishop Rock Lighthouse. They are the most south westerly point of the British Isles. On the main island St.Marys there are numerous guest houses, self-catering accommodation units, hotels, shops, four pubs, restaurants and cafes.

What is there of interest for visitors?

The Isles of Scilly are a walker’s paradise, with so much to see and explore. Day boat trips leave the quay on St.Mary's every morning and throughout the day, offering all types of trips to the various off islands or around the rocks to see the seabirds, seals and lighthouses etc. Most days the Scillonian III passenger ferry arrives around midday bringing more visitors to stay or on daytrips.

How do I get to the Isles of Scilly?

Book your dive charter, your ferry and accommodation and when the time arrives for you to depart for the islands. Head for the M5 to Exeter then follow the A30 exit for Launceston, Bodmin to Penzance, either drive over night if you live relatively near or plan a B&B / travel lodge in or near Penzance, before the Ferry which usually departs early Saturday morning.

How long does it take to get to Scilly?

It is a 42 mile ferry trip from Penzance and a 2.25 hour cruise along the picturesque Cornish coast past Lands End and over to the Islands, the views are stunning often catching sight of porpoise’s sharks and dolphins along the way, or you may just like to knap after the drive but do not miss the initial view of the islands on arrival, this can be quite spectacular. The Scillonian is relatively comfortable with several decks, she carries 600 passengers, has two buffets and a bar plus loads of seats and benches if you want to get your head down.


Where can I stay in Penzance, if I drive down previous day and have to stay the night in Penzance?

There are numerous Bed and Breakfast guest houses, hotels, pubs in Penzance near to the car park and ferry departure point or failing this a Travel Lodge 8 miles away Hayle. I have heard good reports of the Dock Inn from previous dive groups this is very near the ferry.

Where do we leave our vehicles in Penzance?

Several options, there is a long stay car park just along from the Scillonian ferry and several other lock up car parks. It is best to ask for details when booking the ferry which operates under the name of the 'Isles of Scilly Steamship Company', they have an office 50 metres from the docks.

What do we do with our diving kit at the ferry?

At the docks you need to locate the St. Mary's diving container presuming you have opted for this arrangement, and deposit your 2 cylinders, weights, dive kit bags etc.

What do we do with personal bags suit-case’s?

Once you have dropped of your dive kit off take your Personal baggage, including woolly bear, to the normal passenger container clearly labelled with your name and accommodation, there is no charge for personal baggage, this will be delivered by Island Carriers to your B/B or let for a small charge, about £1.50/bag and you just walk off the quay and enjoy the rest of the day, with out the stress of standing around for an hour in the crowd trying to find your case.

Who are we what do we do?

Tiburon is a local charter boat operated by commercial diver, photographer, rov pilot David McBride, offering boating, sightseeing, adventure and dive trips around the islands.

How long is your season?

Starts around Easter time and runs through to the end of October; however the dive season starts May to the end of September.
What availability do you have?
Best to phone and request an information pack and have a chat with Sarah or Dave who should have a year planner at their finger tips.

What is the diving like in Scilly?

Generally absolutely fantastic, lots of wrecks an unbelievably dynamic seabeds, superb walls and reefs full of life and brilliant colours.The islands are also home to Inquisitive and well spoken seals, occasional porpoises and pods dolphins etc.

How to book?

Contact by telephone 01720 - 423162. Or alternatively contact us by email from this web site.(Dave or Sarah) we will be pleased to send you a free information pack or discuss available dates, (We can usually cover more by telephone and can discuss tentative dates, sort deposit once certain.

Who do we contact for accommodation?

Bed and Breakfast

On initial enquiry we supply an accommodation list plus there is a tourist information centre website with all island accommodation and availability on screen.

How do we book sea travel?

The Isles of Scilly Steamship company e-mail address is www.ios-travel.co.uk

Dive kit?

The cheapest way to get your dive kit to the isles of Scilly en-mass is by cargo container...(The isles of Scilly steamship have now asked us to share a large container between 2 groups, provided both boats are booked that week), due to their size I am assured there will be no problem, talk to us first as this will save even more money

Any other Questions please do not hesitate to call 01720 423162






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