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Dive boat charter from St.Mary's in the beautiful Isles of Scilly

'A Multitude of Fantastic Wrecks, Reefs, Walls, Pinacles, Cannon Sites and Seals'

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Although weather and tide dependant there is a massive choice of dive sites for you to visit around the Isles of Scilly. Ranging from massive steamships, gullies full of gigantic cannon, reefs pulsing with micro-marine life, (bring your powerful torches) remains of recent wrecks engulfed in fauna, and ever inquisitive playful seals.

`Unrivalled local knowledge`

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Dive boat

Tiburon is a 35' Fast Offshore
105 Hull
with a 430 Horsepower
Volvo diesel.
`with Plenty of Power`

Diving Site guide, Local Diver / Skipper
photographer Dave McBride


For best diving our season spans from mid April to the end of September,
Special deals for early season charter bookings in “April and May”
ideal sea-searching and early wreck exploration,
underwater photographers also catered for and
encouraged by diver skipper photographer Dave McBride


The Isles of Scilly are located 28 miles off Lands Ends, Cornwall the most south westerly point of England and because of the geographical location of the islands and the nearby gulf-stream the surrounding sea water is extremely rich in marine nutrients. The islands are known for there crystal clear underwater visibility which provides an outstanding memorable experience for divers looking for a new diving location.

The outer reef walls emerge from incredible depths creating the most fascinating underwater landscapes that include stunning gigantic underwater rock formations and reef walls of thriving marine life, covered in colourful fauna, rare Sponges, Cup corals and reefs with Football sea squirts and protected Sea fans. Marine biologists and enthusiastic underwater photographers visit these isolated tranquil islands several times a year to look for and record more rare species.

These beautiful Islands have got to be one of the best places for diving around the British Isles. If you're considering a diving holiday UK style then I thoroughly recommend putting Scillies on your must do dive list for the best scuba diving experience you can have.

The Islands are also well known for there numerous treasure shipwrecks, protected historic ship wrecks, steamships and modern shipwrecks that in times gone-by have struck the rugged rocks of the islands with devastating consequences.


Dive Report

The Islands

The Islands consist of 150 islands, rocks and outcrops with only five inhabited islands, all popular holiday destinations and each with their own special character. St Mary's having the largest population is supported by numerous pubs, restaurants, shops, hotels, B&B's and a large campsite.


St.Agne's Image


Set in idyllic surroundings, there is so much to see and do once the diving is over. Additional trips to the off islands can be arranged for barbeques, for food and to sample the various pubs and tea houses, picturesque evening strolls or even a relaxing wreck fishing trip.

Abbey Gardens image


The island of Tresco well known
for its Abbey Gardens These
sub tropical gardens attract
visitors to the from all over the
world eager to see the rare and
beautiful vast array of plants
from over 80 countries.





View of Tresco
Looking a boat trip with a difference? Then why not try an Island Explorer group boat trip. Have you ever wanted to get a glimpse of one of the islands famous grey seals in their natural environment?

Join Dave your skipper, guide and well known local diver and marine wild life photographer for an exciting trip of exploration aboard Tiburon. Each cruise begins with a friendly introduction and safety briefing, before leaving St.Mary's harbour.

Photo by Tom Corser www.tomcorser.com. Licensed
under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0
England & Wales (UK) License details


The chosen route will depend on the sea conditions of the day. Wherever you go your skipper will choose the most gorgeous, scenic, photographic locations and route available, along the way he will point out things of interest and even tell you the names of his favourite grey seals.

A private family treat or special occasion can be arranged with a tour around the islands stopping off for lunch, tea or even a swim with seals, have the boat to yourselves (with skipper) and go where you would like.

This can incorporate a trip to the Bishop Rock Light House and then landing on St.Agnes for collection later if you desire. A trip out to indulge yourselves watching the seals, bring your wetsuits and swim in a sheltered secluded spot the possibilities are endless.

Tiburon is a 35' fast offshore survey diving boat, MCA coded and insured to carry 12 passengers and 2 crew, large deck area, seating inside and out, hot drinks facility, toilet and swim ladder.

Tiburon is also available for special charters by the hour, half day or an evening trip.

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Would you like to go Swimming with seals ?

Would you like to go snorkling with seals ?

Would you like to go diving with seals ?


swim with seals image


above: A Grey seal desperate to get a snorkeller to take its picture !

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